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Rediscover your Right Brain Magic

Unleash superhuman power through the right side of your brain

Our brains are separated into two hemispheres. The left brain is the logical, the rational, the judgemental, the analytical, the planning side. It is the side that our schooling focuses mostly upon. It is the home of the so-called “scientific method”. It is the side we use in most jobs.

Most of our professions such as information processing, management, or the sciences, focus on the left side of the brain. Some of us very seldom engage in the right side of the brain. It is the home of intuition, creativity, our psychic skills, our spirituality; it’s where wisdom comes forth and much more. Some even play down the value of inspiration and feel that scientific and technological structures are the only condition of value.

Interestingly, Einstein had the following to say about this;

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift; the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.


Einstein clearly felt we were missing a key aspect by downplaying the right side of the brain.

Reclaim Your Right Brain


Connect with your body

If you learn how to use the right side of the brain, you can not only speak to your body but receive answers from your body. Imagine the power you would hold if you could communicate with your body in such a manner that it could set up a program to lose or gain weight!

Your body is also connected to your divine blueprint. If you could communicate with your body you could understand the reason you came to Earth. You would have access to the history of your soul; where you have been and where you are going.

Imagine obtaining the means to engage people around you so you can peacefully obtain their cooperation and fulfill your dreams. This is a most powerful tool if you require management skills at work, or even want peace in the organization of your household.

Connect to your higher self

Your higher self is the doorway to all the knowledge that you have ever gathered through all of your journeys on Earth and other planets. This knowledge comes from your soul monad and it holds a database of all information that you have gathered since your soul was created.

Your higher self also communicates with other souls. Using the right side of your brain you will be able to ask your higher self to bring people and opportunities into your life to complete your personal objectives. You can use your higher self for guidance for the path of your highest good.

Connect with Father God

Through the use of the right side of your brain you can communicate directly with Father God or any of the spiritual masters. Before the fall in Atlantis this was a skill that we held in common but was forgotten after humanity fell into the denseness of this third dimension.

Communicate with souls on the other side

Using the ability and skill of the right side of your brain you can communicate with loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. This reawakened ability has brought so much joy to those who have suffered the loss of loved ones. You can communicate with your loved ones and find out what kind of work they are doing now that they are all on the other side. You will be amazed at the sort of jobs your loved ones might be doing now. Perhaps you felt their life was ending when they crossed over that divide that we call death, but when you communicate with them you might find that another kind of job was just opening up. This brings such joy and fulfilment to those who understand how to do this.


Kate connected with her brother Danny during one of our sessions. When we asked her if she would mind if we shared her experience with others, she had the following to say;

Yes, you may share my brother Danny bringing all my deceased relatives with him. I must mention again my family is large, I have experienced death many times over & over from young child on. The people or spirits he brought with him are so precious to me. Last night after the call we visited again, I received a gift from each of them and the sadness that I carried has lifted. How can I be sad when they are so happy, busy and fulfilled? Then my brother Danny & I returned to childhood and laid in the grass again, telling one another what the shapes of the clouds looked like and giggled and giggled. As I go about my work today it will be with a renewed sense of the holy whole and I AM. And I am going to giggle.

 Bless you both


Click here to listen to Kate’s wonderful experience.

And this from Peter Shepherd:

…The best point: when I had learned how to contact a discarnate being, I was able to speak to my father - my wonderful, loving father - who died six years ago. He said he was lonely because he's waiting for the arrival of my mother, who is 94 and I know, eager to reunite with him. Mon Dieu. Truly, this is a crucial step for every person who seeks freedom and enlightenment.


With love and best wishes,



Peter Shepherd, Founder & Webmaster

Trans4mind - http://www.trans4mind.com


Dear Richard,

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful “right brain session”.

I learned how to communicate with plants and trees.  I have gotten word from a couple houseplants to water them a bit less and to continue using Basic H to clean their leaves.

I am so thrilled about using your technique to talk with my body about what I should be eating more of and less of.

After our session wherein I communicated with my Dad, I used your technique to communicate with him on my own. It was wonderful.

Thank you again, for a most valuable session.


Jennifer Gallery



Yes I practise it almost daily and sometimes several times daily usually before work, at lunchtime and even before going to bed.  There are times when I get no answers at all, then other times I write out pages of information that when I go back and read I am incredulous at what is written there.  Even though I am conscious while doing it, when I go back and read it I can't believe some of it.  It is quite amazing to me when I get in the flow and the conversation just rolls out. It seems to me that I have more trouble connecting with those "farther out" so to speak such as Father/Mother God. Once in a while I can but it is more limited to me, so until I become more in tune with it, I don't push that or I become frustrated.  I have had conversations with many Archangels and Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, my higher self and physical body, Lord Metatron and some with Gaia. The easier it gets, the more I want to do it.  And I can't wait for some of the things we have discussed to occur.  I am so thrilled I have learned to do this and can't wait to help others do the same.  I am so looking forward to the Rejuvenation command coming forward and for the most recent announcements to occur soon. I am anticipating such great stuff. I can hardly stand to go to work every day waiting for my work to open up.  I am also hoping that through all of this, I will get to meet you, Carolyn and my Cherubim brothers and sisters eventually.  Thank you both so much for sharing this information with me and for the work you do for humankind, I can only hope I can do even a small percentage of what you two have already done.  If I could see your colours I'm sure they would be brilliant.

 Love, Light and Peace



Dear Richard and Carolyn: 

Since my right brain session I have been talking to the animals and trees... They are so cute the way they think... My animals, an American eskimo dog name Cody who is 16, three stray cats inside, and some cats that live in my garage, remind me of children...The birds are still skittish but I have faith they will come around... I had a knee replacement that I had to have to alleviate the pain walking... I also have rheumatoid arthritis... I have had left hip replacement and knee replacement and damage to hands already done but good news... I feel better today than I have in years thanks to God, angels, and you two for putting me on this path… I am almost pain free and doing it with natural medicine, not prescription medicine... I am blessed, so very blessed, however my family is going thru what they decided to experience on earth, it is still hard to let it go and just pray for them... I feel it, because I care...When I read about the suffering of Somalia people and knowing so many people out of work, starving, and my family and friends getting sick without healthcare, I just give it to God now. I volunteer at Meals on Wheels and Care and Share, a group that gives food and clothes to people in need... I donate to a Salvation Army homeless shelter where more and more families are living, and a Victory Kitchen, which gives free hot meals to those that need it... I am so blessed to be a piece of the puzzle in these times right now...

Before I came into this world, when they first sounded the call for this experiment on Earth and I was standing in line, a very, very long line, someone in front of me said you go ahead , you have a better chance of making it.. When I came out someone said to me, do you know what could happen?  I said yes, but the worst is only going to be a little over two years and maybe I can help... I intend to help wherever God places me and I also know the worst is only about two years... I am very thankful to be a part of this... Love you guys.

Peace and blessings to you and your family 



Connect with the advanced spiritual Masters

Through the use of the right side of the brain you can communicate with the Advanced Masters and open up new help and guidance for yourself here on Earth. Because they have access to the Akashic records and the details of your mission, they can answer any questions you may have about your mission and any past life experiences and much, much more.

What happens in a Right Brain Magic session?

In an up to 60 minute session, we teach as many of these skills as we have time for (what we can cover varies by individual). Carolyn and Richard guide you through how to reawaken your right brain skills. We then send you a recording of the session so you can later practise what we have taught you.

Carolyn Evers & Richard Presser

Whilst not essential, we encourage you strongly, if you have not already done so, to have a Soul Healing Session before you order a Right Brain Magic session, since this groundwork will help you greatly in your Right Brain Magic work.

Cost $295.00